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Why Choose Sartron?

Our Success

The success of Sartron LLC is founded upon the comprehensive industry experience of Principals Joe Sarlo and Pete Menzies, who merged their talents in 1994 to create a unique company that offers single source accountability on VFD systems to their customers.

By installing and maintaining high quality VFD systems, Sartron LLC is able to offer substantial energy savings to commercial and non-commercial buildings and plants throughout CT, MA, RI, NY and NJ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently provide the most reliable motor control products and services to our customers, which guarantee ultimate energy savings and life expectancy of their equipment.

Our continuous endeavor to put our customers’ financial interests first, when assisting them in applying energy reducing technologies and services, provides for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Our Service

With over thirty years of experience servicing and installing Variable Frequency Drives we have found that Yaskawa Drives have the highest build quality, are the most reliable products on the market, and give you the best return on your investment.

  • Initial Component Assessment

  • Engineering

  • Supply & Delivery

  • Installation

  • Set-up

  • Final Drive Optimization

All stages of installation are performed by Sartron LLC trained employees, not only assuring you that the job is done right and quickly, but also giving you a single source of accountability.


A variable frequency drive can alter the power supplied to match the driven equipment's energy requirements, and that's how it saves energy or improves energy consumption. Compared to direct-on-line (DOL) operation, where the motor operates at full speed regardless of demand, the drive will dramatically reduce energy consumption. Saving power or fuel by 40% is popular with the use of a drive. The roll-on effect means that drive use often decreases the NOx emissions and CO2 footprint of the installed systems. Expanding urbanization and industrialization levels are raising consumer demand, which is expected to result in industrial and manufacturing sector development and drive demand for VFDs during the forecast period. Industries like processing and manufacturing implement various types of components and equipment which differ in terms of industry, mode of operation as well as technology.

Contact us today to receive a consultation on your next project.

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