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For sales, installation, calibration, & optimization, Sartron is the provider for all your VFD needs.


Sartron provides VFD solutions that are not only innovative, but safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable.

We are an authorized dealer of Yaskawa products and stock and supply parts for all major VFD manufacturers in addition to products by Trans-coil / TCI Motors, WEG, Marathon, Kele and many other major brands of HVAC Controls. 

Yaskawa offers a more technologically advanced harmonic performing drive.  They are energy efficient, smaller and more reliable than the competition.

While we offer an extensive line of products and systems, what we truly pride ourselves on most is our ability to design and manufacture variable frequency drive packages to meet our customers' requirements.

Our main focus is to deliver the right solution for your application and we have earned a very strong reputation in the industry for providing reliable, well engineered, cost-efficient systems.


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