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Yaskawa HV600

HVAC Drives for Fan and Pump Applications


HV600 Drives
- 208 VAC: 3 to 100 HP
- 480 VAC: 3 to 250 HP

HV600 Bypass Packages
- 208 VAC: 0.5 to 100 HP
- 480 VAC: 0.75 to 250 HP

HV600 Configured Packages
- 208 VAC: 0.5 to 100 HP
- 240 VAC: 0.75 to 100 HP
- 480 VAC: 0.75 to 250 HP


High Performance That Pushes Expectations

Building owners. Facility managers. Mechanical
contractors specifying drives. They all trust Yaskawa
to deliver reliable performance in HVAC applications.
Yaskawa offers:

• Industry experience
• Quick commissioning
• Easy-to-use interface
• Quick delivery
• Product quality

Yaskawa has delivered great HVAC solutions for these customers since 1988.

The HV600 family of drives pushes past industry
requirements to establish a new benchmark for
industry expectations.

In fact, the HV600 addresses all of the most pressing
demands, including more flexibility and control, less
downtime and more packaging options.

Advantage Yaskawa

Screenshot 2021-02-24 110703.png

More than a quarter million Yaskawa VFDs are reliably saving energy and
supplying fresh air and water in the buildings 
we use every day.


Office buildings are probably the most common type of facility
that benefit from using Variable Frequency Drives. But many other
buildings can benefit from the energy savings and carbon footprint
reduction provided by VFDs, including:

• Government facilities      • Educational facilities
• Medical facilities             • Parking structures
• Data centers                    • Large apartments
                                               and condominiums

Variable Frequency Drives Reduce Energy Use

A typical fan or pump running at 50% speed will use one-fifth
as much energy compared to systems using mechanical control
methods. The primary reason VFDs reduce energy and improve
system efficiency is due to the elimination of throttling, which has been
the traditional method of mechanically adjusting air or water flow in a
system. VFDs control the speed of fans, pumps and compressors.
Building owners can typically expect 20-70% energy savings when
applying VFDs to fan and pump systems while creating a more
comfortable work environment. VFDs are the perfect marriage
between comfort and sustainability.

A Sartron representative can help you wherever
usage can deliver the biggest return on your investment.



  • Supply and return fans

  • Condensing fans

  • Cooling tower fans

  • Fan arrays

  • Condenser water pumps

  • Chilled water pumps

  • Chiller compressors

  • Booster pumps

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