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DriveWizard Mobile App

Yaskawa has made significant improvements to the DriveWizard Mobile app that simplify commissioning and support activities for GA800 and GA500. Explore the benefits of using our industry-leading DriveWizard Industrial tool.

Connection Methods and Popular DriveWizard Features

Since the release of the GA800 Industrial drive in 2019 we’ve made significant improvements to the DriveWizard Mobile application that simplify commissioning and support activities for GA800 and also GA500. Many are seeing the benefits of using the mobile app version of our industry-leading DriveWizard Industrial PC tool.

Did you know that you can program the GA800 and GA500 without main power while still in the original packaging? Get Connected with BLUETOOTH® for Android®, iPhone®, and iPad® The GA800/GA500 Bluetooth keypad (Catalog code: JVOP-KPLCD04ABB) is for use with the DriveWizard Mobile application. The Bluetooth keypad allows you to easily connect DriveWizard Mobile to these drives without unwieldy cables or wires. Use the free Yaskawa DriveWizard Mobile application for iPhone, iPad, or Android to manage your Yaskawa AC drive.

The Bluetooth keypad is of particular interest for iPhone or iPad users since an On-The-Go (OTG) cable connection is not supported by iPhone or iPad. If you do not have a laptop or Android device available at the job site, this keypad is your only connection to the DriveWizard Mobile platform.

Get Connected with a USB-OTG Cable for Android Devices A wired connection is also available for DriveWizard Mobile. Connect to the built-in USB port using a USB On-The-Go (OTG) enabled Android device. This connection allows you to program the drive without the need for main power, right inside the original drive packaging.

USB Connection (for Android Devices) connects the DriveWizard Mobile app on Android smart devices to Yaskawa's newest generation of AC drives.

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